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Our products

In a wide range of products, we have specially selected the best products of the companies we represent for you.

Extra virgin olive oil

Fine category of extra virgin olive oil with an acidity of up to 0,4%

There is no extra harmful procedure

Initially, we produce olive oil, followed by a standardization process, with no additional harmful procedures for extra virgin olive oil.

Useful fats

Extra virgin olive oil is the most useful fat compared to all other consumed. Its saving effect on the development and protection of the human body makes it the best in its category.

Cold pressed

Of the best olives, natural juice is squeezed from olives the day after harvest.

It is rich in vitamins and all nutrients

The characteristics of olive oil remain intact, with all the beneficial ingredients for the human body. In this way, the organoleptic of the final product is rich in vitamins and all the nutrients that olive fruit can provide.

Ideal for all cooking purposes

It is ideal for all cooking purposes: toppings, sauces, roasts, side dishes and served fresh or as a spice.

Fantastic flavors

A wide range of fantastic flavors of ice cream from which we single out chocolate, vanilla, strawberries, forest fruits, raspberries and pistachios that no one can resist. Our ice creams are made according to the highest market standards and with the highest quality production machines.

Manikas Group

The art of making ice cream

It's not just ice cream ... it's an experience! Feed your soul with skillfully made frozen desserts.

The most delicious cheese you have ever tasted!

All our products are produced in the traditional way, without mixing preservatives and chemicals.

Frozen food

From fruits and vegetables to dough and ready meals, we offer the highest quality frozen food.